25 March 2009

Business dilemmas for business speaking

For business related dilemmas, problems and issues for your students to sort out I recommend two books by Cambridge. These are part of their 'photocopiable resource' book series and has teacher instructions, etc, etc.

"BUSINESS ROLES - 12 simulations for Business English"

Two of the twelve units are:

"Polluting the river - This US fridge maker has been secretly polluting the river for decades. However, putting a stop to it may mean heavy financial or job losses..." (Actually, GE is going through some problems in NY about this right now.)

"Quality and personnel - A VCR manufacturer with factories in the Far East and Europe tries to determine why quality is so much better in one plant than in the other."

"DECISIONMAKER - 14 business situations for analysis and discussion"

Two of the fourteen units are:

"Smoke Signals - A trainee in a large cigarette company has to respond to a secret marketing strategy"

"The Hohokum Virus - A computer company responds to a blackmail threat."

Although the books are similar in that they require discussion and problem solving in English, Business Roles is essentially for role play whereas Decisionmaker is for class discussion.

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