12 April 2009

High-speed correcting

If you find yourself with a large number of tests to correct and little time to do them you could make a cut-out template to help you.

What I like to do though is to make a recording of the answers on my computer, using the 'sound recording' feature under Windows accessories. I then play the recording, sometimes even speeding it up to 200%, and check the papers.

The advantage of recording it on the computer as opposed to a tape recorder is that you don't have to rewind to play it again.


  1. Excellent idea Dave! The problem with visual keys is that one often has to shift the eyes from the test paper to the answer key. Making a recording of the answers eliminates that step. Maybe things have changed but I was under the impression that recordings using sound recorder were limited to 60 seconds. One could also use the free open-source software Audacity which has more capabilities.

  2. Audacity is a great piece of free software. You're right.